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VAA Lease Up

Plan Details:

VAA Lease Up is here to help communities that are in construction

and ready to start sharing information about their community.

The wonderful thing about VAA Lease Up is you don't need an

onsite office, community phone number, or staff to start. VAA

Lease Up is meant to be used from the start of construction

through stabilization or anywhere in between.   


What is Included 


Virtual Apartment Assistant Team Member 

A VAA Agent will answer all calls Mon-Friday 9 am-5 pm.

If your community has not set up a phone system yet, VAA can provide you with an advertising phone number that can be ported to your community.


Building Your Community List  

VAA will answer questions about your upcoming community and provide a weekly report with your prospective residents' completed guest cards.


Informational Flyer

An Informational flyer will be sent to every prospective resident. 

VAA can create your flyer, or you can provide VAA with a flyer.

2 Community Banners 

VAA will provide 2 banners with your advertising phone number to hang nearby or on the construction fence. 


Status Updates 

VAA will use your interest list to email status updates. The status update will allow you to keep your prospective residents updated on when and how to apply as well as other valuable information. 

Online Marketing

VAA Lease Up includes ILS listings with and Plus advertising such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  

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