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VAA On Demand

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Pay for what you need when you need it 

Plan Details:

Virtual Apartment Assistant is here to help you with last-minute staff shortages or planned leave.  


Why VAA On Demand:  

• Scheduled Vacation Time  

• Maternity Leave 

• Illness 
• Company Meetings  

• Catch Up on Paperwork  

• Budget Deadlines  

• Seasonal Staffing  

• The reasons are endless!  


Once your initial setup is complete, VAA On Demand is able to join your team in as little as two hours. With VAA On-Demand you receive all the great services of Virtual Apartment Assistant when you need it. VAA On Demand requires no contracts and cost saving, pay as you go options.  


Once you are set up, VAA On Demand is your answer to any unexpected or expected staff shortages 

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