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Q: How does Virtual Apartment Assistant work? 


A: Virtual Apartment Assistant has created an easy 5 step process, at the end of the 5 step process you will initiate your phones. If you are on the VAA Everyday plan or the VAA Lease Up plan you are set up and do not need to do anything else. If you are on the VAA On Demand and have finished your set up, phones will need to be initiated each time you need VAA On Demand. 


Once phones are initiated your VAA team is ready to handle your calls. The calls will first come to you and if you are unable to answer the call within 3 rings the call will be sent to your VAA Team. Your VAA Team will help your callers and you will receive a real time message in your dashboard.  


Q: How does VAA know all my community information?  


A: During your 5-step process Virtual Apartment Assistant will gather all your community information from you. If at any time your information changes you will be able to update your profile or reach out to your VAA Team who can update it for you. VAA does have the ability to customize your community information to fit your communities’ unique needs.

Q: How do I receive my messages from VAA ?   


A: Every Virtual Apartment Assistant community has their very own dashboard. The VAA dashboard is real time data that can be accessed anywhere you have internet or cell phone data. The dashboard is an easy-to-use interface that will keep you connected to your community no matter where you are.  

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